Umm, I don't know whether my post is appropriate or not. I'

Umm, I don't know whether my post is appropriate or not.
I'm actually here to provide my experience deal with insomnia.

If you don't have much time.
Just Watch The Part 2. 3. 4.
Plus this video.

I don't know how to solve sleeping problem quickly.
Here I would provide a slow and sensible way.

I wrote this for someone who struggle with Insomnia for a period of time.
Because I think most people could slowly recover in the early stage of insomnia.
If you're a new Insomnia, I don't really encourage you to watch this.
What you have to do is to pay more attention to the day time.
Focus the daily jobs.
Don’t lies on the bed for to long.
You don't have to worry about your sleep because your body could still fix it own.
And searching for a solution to sleep better might make you more afraid.

However, someone encountered it could not take it easily or change the bad sleep environment.

Then the short-term insomnia could turn to long-term insomnia.
The insomnia caused by other facts would get worse just because we fear we couldn’t sleep.

If you decide to try this method, be patient and steady.
This is like Morita therapy.
You have to give it some time.
By the way, some confidence is important.
I plead that you should be kind of blind and irrational.
Do not use your brain and wisdom all the time when you watch this.

The "harmful causes" here mean those are still harmful to your sleep quality.
Please solve them first.
The meditation would work more smoothly.
These are all my personal experience.

Don't do creative thinking like developing theory, writing novel, writing song and other similar things.
Don't do speculative thinking. The effect is the same.
Don't do emotional thinking.
For example, if I am angry or fear,
I tend to keep thinking and not sleeping.

Beside the above mentioned, there are some things you should think about in day time like finding cure for insomnia.
You might overrate the effect by insomnia if you continue watching the information about it.

Stand during the daytime.
Don't spend unnecessary time on lying in bed.
It's boring and irritating waiting for drowsiness.
Don't take Refreshing foods and herbal cuisine.
Though some herbals and drugs are helpful for some people, I don’t want to introduce them here.

If you sleep in a lousy environment which is too cold or too noisy, you should move away.
Last but not least, I wish you separate your sleep place from work place.

The meditation is to clear you brain before you sleep.
First, close your eyes.
Try to space out straightly and maintain blank for just a few seconds.
However, it's difficult to do it when you are filled with thoughts.

Focusing on breath is another way to clear thoughts.

One breathing technique is to breathe in and hold it.
When we slowly breathe out, keep it smooth and slow.

Another technique is to pay attention to the feels of breathing in and out.
When we breathe in, we feel cool air running through our nose and throat.
When we breathe out, we feel warm air running out of our throat and nose.

The other technique is counting breaths.
When you breathe out, count one.
When you breathe out again, count two, and so on up to ten.

Choose one technique to master of.

Meditation is important, but learning only meditation is boring.
It takes efforts to learn thinking nothing.
And its progress bar goes so slow that you might lose faith in it.
For that reason, I suggest you sit cross-legged when you meditate because cross-legged form is so uncomfortable.
It would draw your attention away from the unease of insomnia.
What's more, cross-legged form help your Meridians run fluently.

By the way, cross-legged sitting is mysterious and sacred in some cultures.
This is so important for relieving insomnia.
I would tell you in detail later.
There are many sit forms besides cross-legged form.

Kneeling and single knee-crossing are practical.
I suggest you sit at least ten minutes once.
That's more effective.
Raise your arm like holding a bucket when you sit.
It would help you ease the tight muscles.
I repeat: Raise your arm and sit cross-legged.
Sit until you would rather lie in bed awake.

Personally, I don't like to talk about paranormal things.
But some guys sit with me said they saw some special light, although I quite doubt it.
I have to remind you: our only goal is to clear our thoughts before we go to beds.
We're not trying to become something more than human.
I do need you to deceive yourself about one thing: believing Meditation can have you live longer and be powerful though.
However, I am not trying to convince you to believe in something against the empirical law.
You just need to believe what you experience.
Briefly speaking: Don't pursue and worry the weird feelings.

I suffered from insomnia for nearly five years. (2011-2015)
I can somehow understand you.
You might want to solve it quickly and permanently.
But in my experience, there are no quick solutions.

I once told you Meditation might trigger some weird phenomenon.
That's because I found part of the reason for my insomnia is fear.
I am afraid of the damage caused by not sleeping.
I am terribly afraid of dead.
That's why I need you to be irrational, to be convinced that Meditation is sacred.
To be convinced the Meditation might give you longevity or immortality.
If you are a religious person, you can link the Meditation to what you believe in.

When you're not sleepy, instead of lying on bed, the first thing you do is to meditate.
Once you're used to that, the stress of insomnia cannot bother you.

Well, here is the audio version of the above.

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