Unable to move on *possible trigger*

hi im Niccie, its kinda a long story to introduce myself but i will try to keep it as short as possible!
i am a childhood sexual abuse survivor and am now 22 years old. my abuser (my dad) went to prison for what he did and now he is dead (he committed suicide 2 years ago)
during my adult life i have found it impossible to enjoy sex, dont get me wrong, i want to have sex and i want to enjoy it but when it comes to it, i just tense up and it is very painful. i used to be in a relationship with a guy who was very understanding and never pushed me, but things didnt work out. i have tried sleeping with other people but the physical and mental scars of my past are a real turn off for guys and i just cant enjoy myself.
any suggestions as to how i can relax myself during sex or any way of improving things :S

Welcome to SupportGroups.com, the only experience I can lend you is to not push yourself till your ready emotionally, everyone is different & it takes each one of us as long as it takes to be capable of finding good coping skills/behavior modification that help mend our wounds mentally over a course of time so go easy on yourself & when your ready you will know it, dont let anyone push you or work on any insecuritites of the past, do it in your own time honey. Keep talking w/us, we're here & listening to you friend.

All my strengths.


april is correct. i am also an abuse survivor. i'm real proud of you hun for reaching out on such a traumatic issue. i have a suggestion....the site manager here can help, please see our stories and after you read his story you'll know why.

charlie....can you advise niccie of some steps she can take in her recovery walk

Hey Kathy, where do we find "our stories"?


look under the posts for sexual abuse it was started by charlie and so far he is the only one that has posted his story…jaw dropping hun