Unbearable nights

My nights have been a hell in which i lay down and try to focus on my breathing but I get anxiety which has me just laying down for hours notbsleeping sometimes having the feeling of jumping up and pacing outside the days have all amounted to me feel like walking crap specially since being so tired makes my mood and anxiety flip out

I know this feeling well. Last night I reorganized my silverware drawers. Sometimes it does help to just get out of bed. I have been told by a doctor that simply laying in bed when I know that i can't sleep only makes it worse. I get up. Sometimes I go outside, if it isn't raining, which it does a lot here. Sometimes I get on the computer and play games or just look at random sites. I do things to take my mind off of my anxiety. MAybe some of this will help. I hope so.

Keep me posted. I am here.

I will sure try it instead of getting mad tht I'm not sleeping

Yes, please get up if you cannot fall asleep within a certain time. Two different doctors told me a half hour. Laying there makes it worse. Even if you feel you do not have the physical, or mental energy to get up, if you are not falling asleep, please try to get out of bed, and do something to occupy your mind to take your anxiety level down. I go several days sometimes not able to fall asleep right away. I get mad too, then depressed. You are not alone, we feel it with you. Play games on the PC, listen to music, watch videos. I put on "paint the sky with stars" it helps me sometimes. Also the background noises to Civ III, or build-a-lot. You can download for free build-a-lot. We do not want you to lay there and get upset at yourself for not being able to fall asleep. Lots of people have trouble shutting the whole system down to get some rest. Please try some other things, and we will keep you in our prayers.

though i know its gana b awhile till i have my full sleep cycle back i found tht my days have gotten worse i had my worst anxiety attack yesterday ive had lingering anxiety but this just had me by surprise it got me so scarred i sobbed so hard