Understand Control - Deal with Bullying

This is a good tip on how to teach people to better deal with bullying;

"That’s the unique strategy that Dr. Jose Delerme uses with kids who are being bullied.

“My focus is empowering the kids to deal with bullying. We need to put more effort into teaching them to deal so the bullies don’t have the power,” said Delerme, a licensed psychologist at PinnacleHealth Psychological Associates in Harrisburg.

First, Delerme said, bullying victims must recognize the purpose of bullying is to control the victim and to affect the victim, forcing tears, anger or running away in fear. “The goal is not to let them control you and they’ll move on,” he said.
In a strategy called “prescribing the symptoms,” Delerme tells his young clients to encourage the bully to continue...."


    Source: PennLive.com, 11/14/10

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