Unemployed again

We all just got an E-mail, stating company having major financial trouble, and that they will start laying off tommorrow, I got hit the same way back in 2009, off for a year, just got back into it June 1, Glad I got signed up for school, to get out of Child Welfare, whay a joke.

DHHS, Nebraska, should be drug through the mud for what they have done to all the agencies.

deb, i will pray for you hard tonight. pray for us all. my heart and thoughts are with you. may god protect us from poverty and destitution. may god enrich our lives so that we thrive emotionally and spiritually. i am praying so hard.

Hi, ejovan, thanks for the kind words. Well I made it threw the first lay off of 35. But they sent out a second E-mail not much different than the first. and dumped a bunch of supervisors, which in this case was a good thing in our office, because they let one of them stay on to help with the transition, but what she is actually doing is messing with and destroying alot of stuff, including my job. She took my 2 cases away from me, without any notice. I found out from a couple
of my friends at work. Who called to see if i was sick, or someting had happened. ad I called HR, and he said to talk to the new supervisors which I did, and got more of a run around, like telling me to talk to the ***** supervisor, who by the way had called me on my personel cell phone screaming at me. I was so embarrassed, I was in a resturant with me daughter, and 2 of her friends.
So now, even though I made it past the layoff this time,
I may still loose my jpb because of her ****.
She's making all kinds of accuzations. I kept all my paperwork from the first time I had trouble wih her, and the one who wasn't allowed to stay. So now I have to get it all into Mark in HR, If he actually reads it he might be able to figure out what was going on.

But I doubt that he will, so I'm unemployed again, but on a good note , my past enemployment claim is still active.