Update and wanting updates from you all

hello friends!
it feels like forever since ive been on here

things are going OK.. still in treatment, but I have a job now so im getting to leave and work several days a week for half the day. im making progress, but its definitely challenging for me at work. struggling on that end but im getting better at it, and its something i finally need to be able to overcome (not struggling at work).

im feeling much better than when i first came in, im much more stabilized.

i want to hear from you guys! you've all been in my thoughts

<3 V

Cat: Great to hear from you! I am so glad you are in treatment and it is going well. You will handle the new job fine! Give yourself lots of hugs from me!

Vanessa!! So good to hear from you! :) I've been thinking of you a LOT! ♥ Hang in there with the job. And please do everything your treatment team suggests. :)

Love you!!


Vanessa....great to hear from you! I think it's important that you are doing some 'real life' things while in recovery, so that when you are ready to leave treatment, it's not such a culture shock of sorts. Hang tight sweetie!
I agree, follow your treatment plan...you CAN and WILL do this!! HUGS..Jan ♥