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Just wanted to update everyone on things lately...and maybe vent a little bit, so I apologize ahead of time.

Yesterday I had my EGD done to check what is causing so much pain in my stomach. They put me to sleep for a short amount of time and looked in my stomach to see if they could see anything. They said that I had severe Gastritis and Esophagitis or something like that, basically that my stomach and esophagus are extremely swollen/inflammed with major redness and things. They said they believe that this is just from severe acid reflux disease but they did take a few biopsies from my stomach and throat to make sure it isn't any hidden diseases or infections and things. I should get that back in 10-14 days. They think those should be fine though. I was wayyyy relieved! Good to know that I haven't really caused much damage I guess.

Other than those thing..healthwise I've been so-so. Majorly tired working A LOT of hours at my new job, but I'm starting to like it I think. I have been having really bad chest pain and palpitations that feel different than the acid reflux, but I'm just going to stick with that's what it is lol You know me!

I guess I'm just still fighting to hang in there. I've started thinking of some recent things and trips I want to do in my life, and I get so excited...but then I start to think that I will never get to do those things anyways because I will always be struggling. I haven't went to therapy in about a month and a half. Our schedules keep conflicting I guess and we can't work out an appointment time. Hopefully I can get in to talk to her soon.

I'm second-guessing treatment and starting to think more that I don't need it again. I don't want to leave my new job. I don't want to hurt my mom. I feel like I've been hurting everyone in my life and it's been hard.

But anways, sorry enough ranting. Hope you know I'm always thinking about y'all and praying for y'all! Love and blessing to everyone. *Kasee*

Hey girl!

Glad to hear you had these test done and are on your way to getting some answers.... HOWEVER - Remember when I told you 'just because the test don't confirm the absolute worst.... that DOES NOT MEAN that you can give yourself or ED permission to keep going and going and going...' Oh sweet girl, I wish the blinders could be gone from both our eyes. But I just want to keep encouraging you to seek treatment... you are worth it and don't need to be at your 'worse' to recieve it!

Love you! Call me later!


I am glad that the tests came back with news that isn't severe. Yet, your stomach and esophagus are still inflamed. Its not the worst that could happen, but that is still not good! I hope the tests come back okay :) I will be hoping

I am super glad to hear you are liking your job. A lot of hours are tough. Make sure you are taking care of yourself okay? Could you maybe go to your normal doctor and ask about the palpitations? Have you had them for a while?

I know ED is telling you now that since your stomach is fine that you don't need treatment. But you do, don't let it tell you otherwise. Keep fighting for that. Treatment isn't supposed to be about your mom, and your work will understand. Treatment is about you! And getting you better!!!! Its important.

Hope to hear from you soon


LA, Sorry I haven't gotten to call you yet! I will soon though! I do wish the blinders could be taken from both of us :/ I miss you lots and won't you to feel so much better. You deserve the absolute best! I love you!

My Beautiful Allee, You are just too sweet. Thank you for all of your support. I have had heart palpitations a while and had some heart trouble in the past, but I haven't said anything to my doctor about it recently. I know I probably should. I hope all the stomach tests come back okay as well...I'm sure they will! I have been thinking of you and praying for you as you know :) Hang in there honey, I believe in you! Love you!

P.S. Good luck on your game tomorrow night! Maybe Penn. State and Alabama will make it a good game :)

Haha yeah. Apparently if we win (which I doubt since alabama is number 1) we have a giant riot on our street and the cops have to break it up! Eek. And the game isn't even here! Haha