Updates! So I notice many had questions about why or how I

So I notice many had questions about why or how I could leave to my home state and leave the kids. I was following as instructed by police to stay in the state another day to file custody and such. Within the time I was able to get away from my abuser, he was overly blowing up my dads phone all night just to talk to me. Just for the very next morning he left the state with the kids. Which was already stated is against the law without my consent. So he's been harboring the kids and preventing me from talking to them because I won't talk to him about how to fix the relationship. So by legal technicality he kidnapped and concealed the kids from me because that's the only thing he has left to try and control me. For the past 3 days he has been harassing several members of my family trying to fish for information on where I am because he cannot reach me. He's airing out my dirty laundry to my family as if he has no part in any of it, plus lying to everyone saying he's so hurt and confused, lying that Im abandoning the kids, and just wants to contact me about the kids; but any chance he got to talk to me he didn't want to talk about the kids at all. He just keeps trying to manipulate me into thinking he has done nothing wrong and Im just blowing everything out of proportion. But then has told me I will speak to the kids when he deems Im worthy to.
In the midst of these harassing calls all around, he is leaving threatening texts and voicemails. They threaten me, my family, and our lack of ability to see the kids. Im keeping no contact because he doesn't not want to have a single constructive conversation.
Believe me, if I wasn't the one in immediate danger I wouldn't have just left the kids. But I didn't have a choice. The authorities told me I could not take them out of the state without dad's consent unless custody is set. So again, As I stayed in the city to be able to file for custody he fled and took the kids and we had no clue where they went.
Now that Im safe we are filing all things necessary to get the kids back and keep us safe.
Contacting anything DV while I was still being hovered by my abuser was not happening. Anytime he felt like I was about to call for help he would take everything from me and keep me from going anywhere. I would get cussed out if I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom without him knowing. So it was really rough to be able to do anything. Even my dad said himself, he was glad he was there because it would've definitely gotten worse as far as my safety. I have a lawyer in the family how is pulling her resources, and other family members who are doing the research as well.

Im more than grateful for the village of support I have behind me. We are taking all proper legal action to make sure that I get the kids and we stay safe to live a happy fulfilling, peaceful life.

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Well that's wonderful, Im so glad you have what you need the family and resources to bring it all together. Thanks for the update, Peace be with you ❤

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@DearPeace Thank you. Im so blessed for the family and friends I have. I’ve been so ashamed and afraid to speak truth on what my relationship was really like. I live in fear no more and it feels great to be free of the burdens.

Oh wow, I’m so glad you have so much support also! This is terrible though. I hope he’s at least taking care of the kids. That’s good how he’s acting. At least you have some evidence how he’s unstable. Keep copy of all you texts and screenshot everything for proof later. At least you have your family as witness of how nuts he is. I hope the police can find your kids or he comes to his senses and just brings back! You must be so worried. I’ll keep you n kids in my prayers!

I'm so glad you left! I'm sorry you couldn't take your kids with you, as a mother I can not image that but, you are doing everything in your power to give them a better life. Thank god for your dad and the rest of the people supporting you. I pray your children are reunited with you quickly.

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@RenoxStella Beautifully stated, Amen.