Urgespanic in the evening or at night

right, you'll probably see quite of few post from me today, and all at once, as i didn't have the chance to go online earlier. (that in itself felt like detox really, lol)

anyway, next question that popped into my mind today:

how do you handle when you feel you freak out in the evning or night times? i feel it's quite different to daytimes as there is not that many options to get away from it all. i said before for me the ultimate (if it's food or self harm related) is to leave the house immediately. but what to do once it's dark, which now is before 5pm over here? and i usually have already used up most of my distraction means so i really need some help how to get through the 'dark' times!

thanks so much already, i know you'll all give amazing tips as always :-)

lots of love

you know i have a deep seeded fear of the dark--heck i cant even sleep in the dark without a night light --and my fiancee isnt much happy about that one...


distractions at night ---do you have any hobbies you enjoy??? maybe book reading or ---painting/art?

or is there a t.v. show you like(non triggering) that you can watch or movie?

or music?

or can you call someone??? or go out with a girlfreind???


Ugh, this is an incredibly hard issue for me, too! It helps me to surf the net, call a friend, cuddle the cat, watch a movie or listen to music, pray, and GO TO SLEEP. Sleep seems to be the most effective one; the others are prone to failure, but as long as I can get myself safely into bed I'm alright. I know, I know, what do you do when it's dark so early? Haven't figured that one out yet. Although I *will* say that there's nothing wrong with a pre-bed nap. ;-)

I'll be watching your post for other people's suggestions; best of luck to you!


that is a hard topic for me too. my nutritionist and i today were talking about why i always binge/purge at night.

i am fine during the day as well.

i agree with maureen. find a hobby to do.



going out with a girlfriend??

hope u find something that helps. i will keep checking up to see if i can find other ideas as well


Hmmmmm....i wish i had some insight/advice to offer here, but im not sure to be honest....ive not really acted on a b/p urge yet but i do get urges at night like the rest of you also. I wonder why we feel the need at night more then during the day?

i think for me the urges are there all day long, just throughout the day i know what i can do to delay them.

problem is, whereas i like going online or watching a movie/TV or reading my book i usually do that while bingeing. one thing distracts from the other i guess.
and unfortunately i got a 24/7 pretty much right across the road so wouldn't even help not to have food at home. or even if i throw my knife away, i can always buy a new one over there.

my friends and family always say i can call anytime, even at night, but i don't wanna feel even mor elike a burden.

so was thinking bout getting a 1000+ piece puzzle or so. ive tried often to just get myself to bed but mostly i'm simply not tired enough.

any of you ever tried a meditation tape or something like that?

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on anything outside of something that keeps me occupied-- because at this point nothing to prior to this constant 4 day battle dealing with panic literally constantly sounds appealing to me right now- and me wondering why this is happening and the anxiety of what may result if it continues wont leave my head no matter how hard i try and im so frustrated right now knowing i need sleep bc the five or less hours ive spent in my bed over the last few days didn't really feel like sleep... and if sleeping i think it was in the early stages of sleep.. im going crazy. I just took 600mg of the neurontin my doctor prescribed yesterday after telling myself i wouldn't because of the crazy state i finally was in when i laid down last night around 3:30. I searched about it online and read about it and its side effects and honestly it scared me because everything does anymore it seems like. Im desperately trying to find out why im in this situation and how it came about so suddenly and has done nothing but progressed daily. I am thinking about how insane i will probably sound but when my life, which didnt seem bad before, is now seeming to be spinning out of control, I guess its somewhat normal for me to be wondering why why why? has anyone experienced this ongoing panic? I feel like I should go to the hospital for fear i will get so overwhelmed i will do something stupid, but fear they will send me to somewhere to try and help me but it will only make it worse. If you have any tools to help or know of anything that I can do to help at all let me know.