Using nebuliser for copd

does nebuliser work for copd

Hello Pink Angel, and welcome,
Yes they do work and are a life saver. Don't know your situation but, ask your doctor.
I have Emphysema and on enough meds and oxygen 24/7 so I'm not using the neb right now. You will get alot of help from others on this site...just wait and see.
Check back with us and let us know how you are doing
Kathy...Big D Texas

I agree with Grandma K. A nebulizer helps some people and not others, so it's always best to ask your pulmonologist. Please understand that we are not doctors, just a group of COPDers trying to help each other to understand and cope with this crappy disease. If you'd like to join us for coffee, bring some cookies and let's get to know each other. :-))))

Good morning all,
I brought some lemon poppy seed muffins..wish I could share.
I have been a lazy bones this weekend..but do plan on going to my granddauhters soccer game today.
Pink Angel hope you are feeling better today. How often do you need your nebulizer?
Myra how is the weather in South Africa today?
I can't wait for it to warm up a bit...but not too much..Texas summers can get so HOT...they just make me wilt :(
Hope everyone has a great Sunday
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Kathy..Big D Texas