I just realized - I only celebrated Valentine's Day twice in my life!!!! The first time was when i was 17 or 18 i think - my bf (or rather guy i was DATING - nothing serious) at the time was 16 and brought me roses. I thought to myself wow - my very first Valentine's Day WITH flowers!!! years after it was nothing because i never had a bf for Valentines Day much less a bf period! i was very shy and awkward. even during college - no flowers ever - no bfs - no sex - nothing. then i met my husband in 1999 - he got me flowers that first V Day in 2000 BUT screwed it all up by saying he figured he better buy me flowers because its Valentines Day and he knows I like flowers. (dont tell me that!!! just shut up and give me flowers) - i think we went out but every year after for some reason - NOTHING. i had said at one time i think when we got married not to do anything so we can save money (dumbass me!) but yet dumbass him too because he listened and so ever since for all those years we have been married except for me making a special dinner, a card, cards from the kids, etc it's been nothing from him. and no dinners out etc. wtf???? he is SOOOO not romantic! and at first i was fine wtih that becase at the time i was not one of those sappy types but NOW i am! but oh well! BUT i think we are going to celebrate this year finally because he said that he is going to be away on business on V Day so maybe i can go visit him in town adn we can go out - ? i doubt i will get flowers though because we really are in a bind with money (as usual). oh wait that was me that suggested going out on V Day - he just suggested coming down one night to go to dinner and stay over (ONLY bc i mentioned wanting to get out of the house) - well, whatever. romance i will not get but i have to take what i can get. but you know what? booooo!!!!! i want freakin roses, expensive dinner, a show and hot freakin wild sex. i dont think its too much to ask......but it is. the only reason i dont care as much is because we really do need to save every penny we can and the sex? we are so past that stage and besides he is not the kinky type AT ALL - even if he tried it would leave something left to be desired sad to say. could be worse i know....

It is sad that men take life for granted. It is OK to spend money on the flowers and make everyday special, mainly Valentine's Day, just to be together. Most of us forgot to be romantic. I wish that men, in general, realize that how important in life to be attentive and compassionate. God bless you and be happy.

and you know what? it shouldnt just be the men to do something on V Day now that i think about it but i have done stuff for him but he never did - just the one time really. i know that a lot of men forget to be romantic BUT i just FINALLY want that romance in my life! whether my H is romantic or not - i never had it before. im greedy maybe (?) but i really really really want that romance - or just to do something finally on V day and get some flowers. i dont think i can deal with romance now from my husband - its not him so it wont be real but i'll take dinner out and flowers thank you! :0)

Hey i understand..... I think you should try go out but not spend to much money.... its not about how much money but the thought that count... just holding hands and takin a walk eating ice cream is nice.

if it makes you feel better, my first valentine was at 36. We went away for a romantic trip (for which I footed most of the bill) and had no sex. 8-/

Going out occasionally, like for instance, Valentine's Day would be okay. Some people do take going out overboard and think that they need to go out every weekend. Things do seem to dull down when you don't have a romantic time together. For Valentine's day he should take you out for a nice dinner (don't have to be a really expensive meal) and maybe buy you a dozen roses. Hope everything turns out well.