Vaccine for Brain Tumor going to Clinical Trial

great news in the UK about a new vaccine going to the first clinical trial to help brain tumors:

"A groundbreaking brain tumour vaccine is to undergo its first clinical trial in the UK.

The drug, called IMA950, is designed to help the body's immune system fight glioblastoma, a deadly and common form of brain cancer.

A total of 45 newly diagnosed patients will take part in the early Phase I trial at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre in Glasgow and up to four other hospitals across the UK.

The vaccine contains 11 peptides - strings of protein material - that are found on the surfaces of tumours but not healthy cells. Their presence helps to "train" immune system defenders called T-cells to recognise, target and destroy the unhealthy cells that make up brain tumours.

Other brain tumour vaccines have been tested on patients but none work in the same way. IMA950 is unique in that it offers the immune system multiple targets, thus increasing the chances of success."

you can read the whole story here:

WOW....interesting Thanks.

My prayers go out to the chosen few that are lucky to partisipate in the study.