Venting out cause im going to explode!Feeling so tired of co

Venting out cause im going to explode!Feeling so tired of constantly being down and depressed. I just want to be normal :/ even for a day. I want to stop crying, stop feeling so sad, i just want to be happy

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Hey, I don't really know what "normal" is, but I would like you to know that what you're going through is valid. I can relate to this feeling, and sometimes I remind myself that happiness can be a choice and to try and be mindful of that and remember times when you ARE happy, even if they are sporadic. Anyway...what has you down right now? Feel free to message me..

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Hi Pinkish Life, I'm so sorry you feel so depressed recently and are crying a lot! Yeah, I've had days like that too. It feels like it will never never get any better. But then it does, amazingly....Anyhow, I hope your turnaround to starting to feel better will happen soon. (Continued below).

@L2015 (continued from above). Here’s something that sometimes helps me, so I will pass it on in the hope that it helps you. You mentioned that you recently discovered stuff about yourself and your family that has made you depressed. Now that makes sense!!! So it sounds like you have a good reason for being depressed right now. And I wonder if it would help you feel better if you shared here or elsewhere what you learned about yourself and your family.

Hi Pinkish Life,
I had a similar revelation, when my therapist told me that BPD means childhood abuse. I didn't know that either!! He says some people are no longer calling it BPD, but instead "complex PTSD." Which I like, because it takes the emphasis off how deviant we are, and puts the emphasis on the pain we've endured. My parents, like yours, were emotionally abusive. Also, I asked him, "Why am I in such pain?" and he said, "Because painful things have happened to you."

Pinkish Life, It's a lot of stuff to walk through. Can feel like a landmine, knowing what to say and what to keep inside. Glad your therapist is helping you out.

im typing here im trying to write something but it saying it contains profanity and there is no cussword in it anywhere and no triigger even but i need to talk to someone very badly right now is there anything i can do? please help

i supported you error101 but ive never written a personal message and its 8 minutes later i didnt know i had to refresh to see comments

im sorry error101 its not showing me all my messages on here and i didnt know you wrote back. im just feeling very paranoid and scared right now and i have very little options. my fiance is not understanding at all. ive become so weak i dont know how to make judgements on my own i have no support no friends. im trying to get into a hospital first time commiting myself but many times ive tried the opposite the opposite to get out. im stuck.

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