Very confused

What is that someone greets me one day, then the other day, no reaction whenever I enter college and the same thing happens?

People are weird, dont worry and try to not take it personally, honestly, if anything you can ask what happened

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That is confusing, but people can be like that for a lot of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with you, personally. Maybe “someone” was just having a bad day. Best thing to do is let it go (I know: easier said than done) and You Do You - be yourself.

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I did, and he said that he always feels bad.

I’m trying.

Feels bad for doing it? See, you are both feeling bad about different things

Not that, but he’s not willing to tell me what’s going on with him.

So there’s nothing to be done on your side, only wait for him to tell you

I guess.