Very sad, angry & scared! He was served yesterday & today ha

Very sad, angry & scared! He was served yesterday & today has been a rough one! Just need a little love & support!

Hi Pamick, How are you doing today? Hugs!

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@CKBlossom, Today is better! Thanks!!! I am trying my best to take it 1 day at a time! I want it to be over so much that some days I let it really get to me. He, like everything & always does things on his terms & his timeline! He’s such a manipulator and has a double standard, which drives me INSANE!!

So sorry. Hope you are doing well.

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@pamick, sending hugs and best wishes.

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Been awhile since I've written anything. Things seemed to be going ok. about 2wks ago we had a 4 way meeting with lawyers and it went well, we actually came to an agreement we both were good with. All that was left was to draw up final papers & sign!! I even started looking at places to buy for myself, I was happy! Then 4 days after that meeting he came to me and begged for 1 more chance! He even agreed to go see a therapist! I agreed to put divorce on pause. He finally said all the right things, things I had been waiting for forever!! But here we are 1 week later and I have so many doubts! He actually had the nerve last night to tell me I needed to get help, that I need to let go of all the pain he has caused in the past if we are ever going to be able to move forward. I can't let go of it!! I have no goodness to counter balance the bad. We have been together for 29yrs! I felt 1 more chance wasn't absurd, I need to know I gave it everything!!!!

@pamick I know it’s easier said than done to just “turn it around” and head back in the direction of freedom…but, it’s necessary, just do it, and DON’T look back. Remember this: The SOONER you begin this process of getting away from him, the SOONER it will be over, done, and you can move on away from his horrid nonsense. Of course he says the right things, that’s what they do. You are such a good person, I can tell…and he knows that and wants to take advantage of that, exploit your goodness for his own selfish needs of narcissistic supply. They don’t like being left, they want to get you back so they can dump on you some more. Sounds like the typical narcissist that agrees to counseling (their favorite wolf cry) then flops around within an hour saying you are the one who needs help. He’ll never change. Get free, you’ll be happier. Wishing the best for you, Be strong! Hugs.

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