Very stressed resentful and angry My addict son and his ver

Very stressed resentful and angry
My addict son and his verbal abuse is killing me. God help me sometimes I wish I could die so I could escape it

Does he still live at home?


Yes for 2 reasons. One I'm sick and he helps take care of things and two he got out of prison with no where to go. Could not afford a half way house plus unfortunately there are none in the town

You need to try and apply for some assistance for yourself or find someone who would be willing to come by to help you other than him. You may love him and want the best but right now I am sure they are not in the best state of mind to be helping you. Just cause they can help in the house does not mean it will be ok to be abusive. You need to kick them out or give them a warning. I cannot imagine what it is like to go through this while sick and I pray for you but my bf mother has a young daughter who will fly off the handle at any moment and will hurt anyone in the area near her. She would cry everyday and non-stop worry for her daughter and be scared she would get kidnapped or killed or get on some crazy drugs and never come back. Her own daughter would use that as a guilt trip to make her buy her food or things she didnt need cause she knew her mother cared for her and that she was scared of those things. Do not let your child do this. Once the daughter left and lived with a friend and figured out how hard it was but did not come back home my bf mother was less stressed, cried less, and started feeling better and was able to help her daughter more when she needed advice or was going crazy with her mental issues. No matter what type of sickness you cannot help someone who is sick if you, yourself are too. I pray you can have a good talk with him or find somewhere he can go to get some help or a guardian to support his recovery. You may have to kick them out for the time being which I can imagine will be scary but I will pray angels and God will watch over him.

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Thank you so much for the message. @Confusedbutstrong