Vestibular syndrome in adults

I have been diagnosed with this condition an cant seem to find any support or how do deal with this...I am dizzy an off balance nearly every day an i am sick an tired of being sick an tired..has any one or any one know any one with this problem...

Hi levi have you try the supperted groups at Vestibular Disorders Association? I can give you there web page if need.

Hi Aunraven
Thanks for coming back to me..if you could forward me there web page i be very gratful...

I have been travelling this dizziness path since 2004. It would be good to talk with others. Currently having an attack of dizziness again. At the complete wrong time! My husband is not working and I'm the only one paying the bills! I go to bed each night hoping the next day will be different but no. I'm stressed out and crying cause I NEED to work

I go to therapy for this. My vestibular system was damaged in a car accident, but there are many things that can damage it.

I have been having this prob since December. Not much better. Seen 3 separate Chiroppractors as well. Sometimes I think my neck plays a part in this