Vicodon was my life

i have took 7-10 aday for bout 4yrs..have tried to stop many times longest ive whent without, 5days with help frm not good with talking about my problems but im desprate and i hpe this time around i can escape this hell im in

last vic was 830 pm yesterday, its almost 4pm pm next day and i cant stop looking at the clock..nose wont stop running cold as an ice cube with many layers of clothes but feel hot at some times.. head hurts n eyes hurt every time i move them, lil shakey but trying to think about how much better and healthyer life will be when this is over.. i dont know what to expect in the next few days.. i dont know why im typing this..i just hope that maybe writeing it down and hearing what someone else has to say will make any kind of diference.. i never cared about being sober before, i gues i felt i had no reason to.. all the money ive lost,friends and health just dont seem worth it anymore.. ill be a dad next year and i just want to be clean and sober the first time i hold my baby.. thats the only thing thats keeping me from gettin high right now..i just hope them thoughts will be enuff to free me from these demonds.. i also want to say congrats to the people who have escaped these layers of hell~ and hope to join you soon!

Mr. Christopher, thank you so much for being here and thank you for sharing your story. Congratulations for making such a huge decision and sticking with it. You have the absolute best motivation; your child. And, also wanting to get your life back; health and friends. You are well on your way; please stay strong, please keep sharing with us here. Let me know how you're doing. I am here to help you in any way that I can.

whats up mr. christopher.....its absolutely unbearable at times isn't it. If your able to stop the vicodin,you'll escape the suboxone ordeal. The 1/2 life of subs is much higher than the vicodin itself.Your detox off vics will take less time to overcome,but your flu-like,vomiting,might a little worse. Long term suboxone....the withdrawls suck so bad i cant begin to tell you ....if you truly wean down(vicodins or suboxone) ,wait until you cant stand it ....then down 1/4 of a pill,or even sliver by sliver,to avoid my mistake of an abrubt stop at 8 mg. Currently i'm done with that stuff.It cost me a whole bunch of money.Its a day by day thing for around 2 weeks.The mental thing is another ordeal in itself.

Saxondale, thank you so much for sharing your story and for being here. Congratulations on being free of your addiction to vicodin, you are on such a strong and positive path.

Mr. Christopher, checking in to see how you're doing...would love to know how things are progressing on your end.

seriously... now, i dont beleive,or understand the high relapse thing. vicodin,oxy,and suboxone totally scare the living **** out of me. To much horror in my detox, that i never wanna go there again..... ever...

well we are in it together. this is the exact same thing i am going through...stay strong though and we will all get through these times together. what I will tell your not alone, EXEDRIN,BENADRYL,AND IMMODIUM AD will be your best buds during this time of withdrawl....i just hate facing the emotional part. this is where it gets rough! stay calm and talk it out! it helps!

Wow Saxondale, I think that it's so amazing that you came out of all of this stronger on the other end of it and never ever want to go back again. That's so fantastic. Congratulations!

Heavensentprincess1, thank you so much for being here and for your support. It's so helpful!

thank you all for your support, these last few days have been really hard for me. but im still workn hard to maintain, bout 5days with out pills and 6dyas without alcohal.. today is alot harder than yesterday.. yesterday i was fine after the morning/early afternoon, but today i feel so sick and my head is in pain. and mentaly i feel so weak. saxondale, it is unbarable like right now.. i feel so terrible and the thought that takeing a vic will make it all go away will not leave my head, even tho i refuse to take them EVER agian its killing me how badly its tryin to convince me other wise.. i try to exercise but my head ache is so bad it wont let me, been takeing ibprofen but it hasent gone away yet. but on a possitive note..i never realy lost my appitite and no vomiting. it was hard to eat the first day or 2 but other than that its been pritty normal.. when i wrote tht lettr last week i didnt know what to expect.. but after posting it, and reading what you all have to say realy made a diference and im so thankful for that, it has made a huge impact on my thoughts lately. thank you all so much! day by day is all we can do. and i found with enough support and motivation along side of actualy wanting and beliveing you can live a sober life is the ammunition God blesses us with, to fight these deomnds i call drugs. God Bless all of you, and i hope this year is better than the last!

your brain has to adjust without all the narcotics in there. Thats the hugest point of completely cracking under the physical and mental anguish …if you made it 5 or 6 days…its gonna start getting better,i’m sure, even if its every half hour or so…try to continue…

its a fairly long process. Remember how long you were taking the all so powerfull opiate. be done with it. hang tough.

Mr. Christopher, you can do it! You've come this far, please stay strong. This short-term pain for your long-term good. We are here for you; here to help support you in any way that we can. Please keep sharing with us and let us know how you're doing. You're not alone.