Waiting For Answers

Today I finally went for my second Petscan now the wait to find out if these swollen lymphs in my neck means that I'm no longer in remission or what. I'm itching like crazy and the night sweats are back so I'm a little worried.

Were you able to find out the results of your test yet?

waiting to hear about your results, stay strong.

Thanks Gregswife and Running Bear I should get the results back sometime next week. Will let you know.

Good to hear from you, you are in my thoughts

I hope all goes well with your results. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know as soon as you hear anything.

Hey Ryan how are things going with your treatments, are you having any side effects? I go to the doc on Tuesday so will let you guys know that evening. I have a cold now so I'm not at my best.

I'm doing pretty well ms.P. I have lost all of my hair, have a bit of neuropathy in my finger tips, and the fatigue sucks for a few days. All in all though it has not been as bad as I expected. I did have to delay my second treatment do to severe neutropenia, but the shot they are giving me seems to have taken care of that.

I'll be waiting to hear from you after your appointment. I really hope the Doc has some good news for you. Just remember, we are here for you either way.

sorry about the hair RyanM, but lets face it ever since you were a boy you longed for the 'bruce willis' look, didn't you? admit it!!

all jokes aside, it's just as horrid when you hear of a man losing his hair as it is for a woman. have you lost your beard??

ladies (RyanM, put your hands over your ears), did anybody keep their leg hair?? Argh! Someone up there has a cruel sense of humour to strip me bare except from the one area I would love to lose.

MsP, thinking of you. This particular scan is not an easy one.
Love Annie

Hi Ms P. I will say a prayer for you,
My husband had 12 rounds Feb thru the end of July, 2 pets were clear, went back for follow up and ct scan showed something CONCERNING, so tested with PET scan , the locations of CONCern were not an issue but 3 other different locations are now in question that lit up on the can, so we are off for a bipsy on Wed, the Dr said it could be recurring or simply a false positive on the scan. He has absolutly No other symptoms , no sweats,no fever, energy is great, labs are perfect, no weight loss, mo itching, nothing ~ I am praying for the false positive and claiming it . God knows I pray for anyone who has cancer .. that they can be freed of it. cancer has taken so many from me in my life... I pray for a cure , a vacination , a fit it pill something to stop al this cancer.
Keep us posted about your results

Thanks everyone I'm praying daily and staying positive wish this cold go away. With the restricted airway disease plus the cold I'm not breathing well. Talk to you all Tuesday evening