Walk This Weigh

My old job had a work out center and they sponsored this program every year called "Walk This Weigh." The program was to get people out walking and get active. There was three different levels of walk time you could commit to such as 60, 100, 150 minutes per week.

I would like to start this program with this group. And would like to know if anyone would be interested in joining. If you would like to join just simply post your interest, your walking goal amount for the week, and start walking.

We can start the program on today, Sunday; August 29th and go to the final week will be November 14th (ending on November 20th). The walk week will be Sunday to Saturday and during the week you have to meet your walking goal of 60, 100, 150 minutes. You can always move your goal up but never down. Walking is 5 minutes at a time without stopping.

We can post every week that our goal have been met, if there was a weight lose (but not the important part of the program), and how we stayed motivated to do reach our goal.

Think of a prize to give to yourself after the program. Success is measured when you complete 10 weeks out of the 12 weeks.

Who is with me in the "Walk This Weigh" program? We can do it together!!!

I guess I should post my walking goal:

150 minutes

Go big or go home, right? lol

I will join ya. I will set a goal of 150 minutes a week.

Brilliant Bluemirage! Love it! I am in. I'll be doing 150 minutes per week as well. We can do this! Go team!

Awesome!!! We can do this ladies.

I am excited to see that people are interested in these program. I really enjoyed it when the program came around at my old job. Don’t forget to come up with a reward for yourself at the end of the twelve weeks.

I hope you enjoy your walks Common11 and puppydoglvr!

How are we doing with our walks so far this week? I am taking one of my dogs for a walk, like I staed on another post they are worse than a fitness trainer. lol

I am getting closer to hitting my goal after todays walk!! I am excited.

Look forward to hearing about your sucess stories for the week. Keep moving......

Bluemirage, great job on the walk with your dogs, I can't wait to get a dog and have a walking partner. I walked for 45 minutes yesterday without stopping. This evening I am taking a walk with two friends; we'll walk at least 60 minutes.

Let's keep this going! This is such a phenomenal idea! Thank you so much for setting this up, I love it!


Great job on the walking! I am sure that tonights walk with your friends will be great.... 60 minutes is very impressive. I am waiting for the cold front to come through and I will be walking a path at the river. I love evening walks at the river.

I am glad you are enjoying the program. Keep up the great work!!

P.S. the walk this morning with the other weiner dog (MyLow) did not fair so well as yesterday. He was worn out in 20 minutes.... poor baby... lol