Wanna end it all.....who cares

Wanna end it all.....who cares

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I do.

I care

Hello, friend. Please know that we all care. Would you like to share what's going on? Life can be stressful and overwhelming at times, but it gives good relief when we share with good listeners. Looking forward to hearing from you. Stay strong, friend. Hugs.

I care. Please do not commit.

@Goneaway I care. We all care at support groups.
If your still in crisis please text Brave 741741

I have been curious about what happens when we die since I was 12 and spent many years researching it. I am convinced there is something beyond this existence, a place we come from and return to at "death". I just call it the other side. If there is nothing else, I am fine with that. But what if there is? If there is, time does not exist as we know it here - nothing ages or disintegrates. You can go anywhere at the speed of thought and have any experience you desire as long and as well as you can imagine it. You might ask if it is so great there, why are we here? How long does it take to get bored with the beauty and perfection of the other side such that one might want some kind of challenge? 10,000 years, a million? It seems our lives here are just something to do for a fraction of eternity. Without the "threat" of death the exciting things we do would lose much of their appeal. Your situation may be very limiting and depressing, but going back to the other side prematurely may create things you regret once there. If you can leave without any regrets, then your transition will be easy. If you have regrets that you can still do something about, it becomes much harder to settle them from the other side. From what I gather, the other side does not have the extensive variety of flavors we have here. You are experiencing the hardest challenge of your life. Will there be anything useful learned from it? Is there anything at all you still want to try to do? I fail at many things, but I like to see how far I can get before I go down in flames. I am single and dealing with an ebay shopping addiction which threatens my financial security, hence the reason I am on this site. Unfortunately we really need to deal with our demons here as they will not go away just because we have cast off our physical body. This world is terribly imperfect, but I think we actually come here for the imperfections as they make existence much more interesting.