Want to live my life


I don't know how to enjoy the day.
If am on a holiday.. I don't think of watchin Tv of doing something. I just sit idle.. and do whatever cums my way. I'll get up from d chair to have my food only if someone calls .. Being idle is the worst thing in life.
Mere Waste of time.. How to be smart ? Efficient? Make things ? Plan? Enjoy my time ? Kindly suggest please...
I want to live my life to the fullest :)

Anniena - depression is a hard thing to deal with adn to be motivated to do anything. you need to motivate yourself and push yourself just a little each day. Maybe set a goal for yourself each day, like going outside, going for a walk, reading a new book. Find something that is interesting or something that you have thought about doing and slowly work towards doing that. Good luck and feel better!

That is a good idea dear. Let me set a goal everyday and try reaching it.

Let me tell you the result soon

Thank you dear :slight_smile:

please do let me know how you are doing and how things are going. I hope you feel better!

Not very long ago I used to feel like that, it was not depression but general boredom. I did nothing the whole day, and when I went to school I hardly putted any attention to my teachers and did not spoke with my friends. I went like that for months. My routine was: wake up, take a shower, go to school, eat, watch Tv, sleep. Life had no real direction. But as victoria1981 recommended you, one day I began to look for “little adventures”. First I began to look for interesting restaurants that were somehow far from where I live, in the meantime I got lost many times in the city and had to treat with other people to find my way and, sometimes, to have little conversations with them (which I came to enjoy eventually). I also began to feed my curiosity, but not with internet, I went to public libraries or to a bookstore and bought something that attracted my attention. I go to cafés to read, I go to the theater from time to time and to spinning classes. Last week I found a Buddhist center somehow near, I was looking for meditation classes to see if that could help with the stress and eventually found this place, now this thursday I have a meditation class and cannot wait to go. What I’m trying to say with all this is that I used to ignore all the things, all the pleasures, all the growth opportunities that were around me. I still enjoy having me-times, as long as they don’t make me feel bore or blue. In a nutshell I was overwhelmingly bored, and it was curiosity that allowed me to move forward. It began with little improvised trips, or a miscellaneous book, but now… mm… now is more of a life style, I’m really experimenting life.

Hopefully any of this might be helpful =)

That is so great. congratulations on finding so many new interesting things in life. I think this is great inspiration for me and anyone reading this post to go out and try something new. I am glad that life is more interesting and the mediation class should be interesting, let me know how it goes and if it does help with stress. good luck with everything!

Well, it was very interesting (and relaxing). We spend quite some time meditating (It’s harder than what I believed), then they spoke and meditated about a teaching of Buda (well… not exactly Buda, but a story about something Zen). I really enjoyed it, and I will surely go again, but for now a friend told me about something called “meditación trascendental”, my school is giving a program/class about that and we are going to try that as well.

Anyway, I hope you’re doing well, and if you try something new please do share it :D