Want to Quit but how to start

I feel like I have been fighting the urge every day since I really started talking to people about my bulimia. I want to quit but I have given in almost every meal. Just trying to figure out how to stop for one meal...honestly that would be a huge step. Not sure what I am going to do if I can't at least not purge after one meal...it is so difficult...I know I will be okay in the end but still... I got 2 books today about recovering from an eating disorder...has that helped for anyone?
Please let me know...thanks

I think you are taking the right steps, and you have the support. I am right there with you, and know a lot of what you're feeling. I keep telling myself, "Don't expect it to be easy, and everyday is going to be a struggle." You will become strong enough to fight it! :)

kmet... Welcome to a great support network here! Are you seeing a therapist or an ED professional for specialized help? This is critical for true recovery. Reading books is not bad, but it's far from enough to truly put this behind you. Please continue to share and seek additional help!!
Jan ♥