Wanted to get married 10/10/18... put it off because of bein

Wanted to get married 10/10/18... put it off because of being homeless...
Wanted to get married 10/10/19... have to put it off another year because I can't get this job at Lowe's
Want to get married 2/10/20 or 10/10/20 so I created a go fund me page in hopes that I can get enough money by then. I'm seriously about to give up on this wedding thing...

If you're homeless and out of a job, why are you so focused on getting married? Sounds like your focus should be elsewhere.

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I think you need to work and focus on creating a better life. Not having a wedding is the least of your problems.

@jim111 I just got a job, I start on Friday!

Go down to the court house and get married... its about $25... as soon as you are married, head to a temp service and get a job...... you can pan hanbel $25 dollars in about 2 hours..... and temp services can get you a job even if your a felon.... there you go...

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@WishUWereHere Idk where you’re from but in Scioto County, OH… a marriage license is $68 plus you have to pay the judge to marry you and they don’t tell you how much that costs until you schedule.

Sweat... sounds like a good plan.