Wanting help with sex overwhelming my life

my name is chris ,
i constantly think about sex and or sexual activities .. i fail at relationships cause sex get's borring fast and move to more kinky things if turn'd down i replace them ...
i watch porn , surf web, or sext daily all day if not doing the real thing ...i cant watch a woman pass without wanting to ask her to bed ..i feel sick in a way plz help

Hi poland maine, Welcome to SupportGroups.com. You can get counseling for help with your sex addiction. Also you can do a search for sex addicts anonymous or sex addictions anonymous and find some more groups. Also maybe do a search to see if you can find a group in your local area for support. Why do you feel you have an addiction to sex? Has anything occurred in your life that may have caused this? In your family history, do any other family members have this? Just a few questions to get you started. I am not a sex addict. I am an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery. For help with addictions when we stop them we usually have to get to the root of the problem - the underlying problems. Take it one day at a time. Keep sharing with us.

hi im shawn . im new to this.i always knew i had a problem since i was young i was place in differnt homes . i was molestest over some of the years. but know im grown and my habits have grown too. i want to stop the bad thoughts the masterbating the everything that comes with it. i feel like a monster. maybe i was created into this creature. but how do i stop cold turkey please i need help

It is hard to break old habits, but habit is a habit. If you can form a bad habit you can form a good habit.

Is it possible to have an addiction problem to sex if you are only 17 years old?. I tried to seek help for a while and some people have told me its due to the fact of hormone or something dealing with being a teen but i dont think thats right, it's getting out of hand.

Hi mikela1, Welcome to SupportGroups.com . It is possible to have a sex addictions at your age. When you say you sought help, what kind of help did you seek? There are also groups for sex addicts. These are a couple of links you may take a look at for help.


Keep us posted on how you are doing. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

If something is disrupting or taking control over your lives, it IS a problem & as bluid said one needs to find the root of why this is happening. My husband of 19yrs. was dressing up in womens clothing for his entertainment & YES it leads to more things (felony, if caught) "Peeping Tom" etc, etc, of course he has multiple disorders & alcoholic & wont seek help, which does not ever excuse anyone & I often thought that someone out there might actually be able or want to help themselves in these types of behaviors, I personally have yet to have seen any REAL types of options for alot of disorders which dont always help unless the person is actually willing to take that long journey & truly learn how to be intimate w/one person, which is usually one of the issues along w/maturity, history,genetic links, how one is raised, etc.

Let us know how its going, all of you, we're here for you.


Hey, I have the exact same problem, just with men and women. I just joined this group yesterday, when I realized I truly do have a problem. Maybe we can help each other curve our addictions. Sometimes just talking about what I'm thinking about getting ready to do will help. Good luck.

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SheenaMNAN, could you help me?