Wants to Get BetterNOW

I know I've written this numberous times but I really do want to get better. I feel like my health is finally starting to be negatively affected to the point of where I can tell. I have noticed my swallowing has been a bit off this week and I am linking that to my b/p activity. I'm not sure if this is a common thing or not with bulimia but it kinda scares me. I really just want to be healthy now...finally...I almost feel like I should go into a doctor and get some labs to see how my cholesterol and stuff is because I know I've been hard on my body consistently since February.

Anyways...I started taking fish oils today and I'm going to really try and start eating better so I feel better.

Thanks to everyone for support on past posts, and I will continue to pray for and try to support you all! :)

all the best :)

please seek out a therapist or treatment center as yes EDs can be dangerous and yes go to a doctor to get checked out...

please keep sharing and i hope the best for you

love maureen

thanks :) I have decided that for the month of October I am going to post daily to make sure I stay on task. Today was a so so day, I know it wasn't as good as it should have been because I didn't get enough sleep. Sleep is so so huge for me! New months are always good for me to start over. I'm hoping this will be an epic month! Thanks for the support again all of you! :)