Was diagnosed three weeks ago with kidney cancer, they found

Was diagnosed three weeks ago with kidney cancer, they found it because i had a stroke but now i cant find a doctor that will except medicaid and insurance, im feeling helpless and feel like im being pushed over a cliff and dont understand why me, ive finally found happiness and now this, i hurt most all the time but i keep it to myself, dont want my husband to know about the pain it wont help anything by telling him, ill figute it all out just need to.be with others that umderstand

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Oh dear, thats awful, isn't there some organization/hospital that will consider giving you treatment? I hope you stay w/us, maybe someone here can offer other options for you to try, I don't have this but comb through this site you may find something useful. My heart goes out to you friend.

Thank you so much, im not giving up come monday ill be on the phone trying to find someone to help, my problem is that i live in a county to doesnt offer help for there people if i live in the next town over i would be able to qualify but ill get through this but on the upside went to the nurologist yesterday and their is know brain damage and it wasnt a stroke but they dont know why my brain was full of blood they cant find the sourch of where it came from and all they want me to do is stay calm and watch my blood pressure and starting next week im going back to my volenteer job, i know with my kidney pain i wont be able to do much but i need to get back to it. God is good.

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@Bevb - do let us know how your doing & what your findings are, can her a very useful tool for other members here. Be good to YOU