Was diagnosed with hsv1 in September 2022. I have genuine di

was diagnosed with hsv1 in September 2022. I have genuine distain for the guy. He knew he had it and lied. We ALWAYS used condoms and I still got it. Mad as heck!! I'm tired of the burning, tingling and irritation. I feel chafe. Valtrex 1000 x 1 a day.. Not helping.. moved to 1000mg x 2 a day still irritated. I don't know what to do... ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY!!! I feel like a walking virus..

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as you can read, you are NOT alone! HSV type1 can be oral OR genital as you probably already know. type1 has been said to be the milder of the two types.

that being said, remember, this new intruder is very new to your body and you MUST allow time for your body to recognize the monster before it begins to subdue the virus.

try to take the best care of your body to get it the strength to combat the virus. you gotta give your body all the help it needs!

Remember, knowledge is power and power is confidence. Please read the FREE HANDBOOK we have pinned at the top. the more you read, you will understand the dynamics of HSV.

in case you don't see the link pinned at the top in blue, here's that link:

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I was diagnosed with HSV2 in September not 1. Don't know how to edit my initial post. It's like the valtrex isn't working... Now part of my chin is tingling like coming down from a lidocaine injection at the dentist. Been like this since Sunday night. I hate this. My vag feels like 1000 paper cuts.. uggghhh... I'm going to see my gyn tomorrow... This SUCKS

here is a post from our past that may have some alternate ideas to help deal withy the pain until you see the GYN tomorrow: