Was married for 13 years. Lost my kids and wife. Very depres

Was married for 13 years. Lost my kids and wife. Very depressed and still can't move on even though she has.

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Why are you having a hard time moving on? How long has it been? I am really sorry and this is a long process you have to stay positive. xo

Cause I still love her and I can't let go. She had my three children stayed home rais ed them and hasn't been out in the world now she is

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Don't know how to let go even though she clearly has.

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I don't think I will ever marry again

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@Shawnp37 You need to work on healing yourself right now honey to find happiness again in your life. It will take time but you must let go now and turn your attention on yourself for a change. Big Hugs

I'm sorry. I feel exactly the same way. He has moved on. I feel lost and sad. I love him and he was my first everything. We were together 9 years. Now we can't even talk. He makes me feel inadequate and stupid.

@me13 I can’t talk to mine either we can’t get along with 3 kids. I can’t stand what she has become.

I am going through the same thing. Cant move on, he has, and all i can do is cry. And yes, he makes me feel horrible for still being sad. It was a long relationship- 23 years total. Married 19 of those. How can it be so easy for him to move on if he loved me so much? No cheating, no beating. WTH?

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@rtchamberlaine Cause he is a selfish prick.

I have a bad problem of thinking too much on the things I shouldn't. So I'm tortured everyday. I hope how soon it's over and I don't care as much anymore. Or just find someone to talk to to get it off my mind.

@Shawnp37 Same here. It drives me crazy and sometimes I feel like I am making to many accusations or assumptions before knowing all the facts. Its hard cause he makes me feel horrible for it

Maybe I should just give up on everything I'm sick of all this crap

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@Shawnp37 Don’t give up on anything you need to work on YOU right now and healing yourself you can do this Shawn you have to so you can find your happiness again. xo

@Shawnp37 I was married for almost 10 years. I can totally relate to how you feel. He also has moved on, and it completely happy and I feel stuck.

@boymom78 it’s okay to keep them up when they are down but when you fall piss on you I’m done what’s marriage all about

he cheated on me so it's for the best that he is out of my life, but that doesn't mean that I didn't love him.

I been married so long and have great kids ao its hard to stop the thinking on what i lost in all of this. My whole family is gone from me. Very hard to not think about it really takes too much space in your mind

@Keepinghopeguy777 - have you tried writing about it or doing something like drawing, playing a video game or finding some sort of club that you might be interested in? I am only one month into this and I am still not living in my own home, but I am trying to find things that can take my mind off of what is happening. I’ve said it before on this forum and I’m sure this won’t be the last time - one of my friends suddenly lost her husband in a motorcycle accident and her therapist told her to make a list of things she wanted in her life. So she made this list and continued to refer to it over time, making changes as needed. Eventually she got to a place where she knew what she wanted in her life and she found ways to go about getting it. She is now married and has a beautiful son. If she can get through the sudden loss of her husband at such a young age, we can all make it through this! I just know we can. There is something better in store for all of us.

That's so sad im sorry for your freands loss.But you are very true on writing down things you enjoy and just doing it. Be alone is the hardest thing im telling ya. But. I love to sing getting with my band buddys tonight I feel like like Ihave to force myself to get out.

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