Watching a sexual molestation act

hi, i am a 21 year old guy. I have been diagnosed as ocd and ptsd.when i was 15 years old i saw my teacher{a holy teacher} sexually molesting my younger sisters. i was very shocked and upset.i didnt know what to do so i told my driver who told him the next day that he should not come to teach holy lessons from next time onwards.last year that same teacher just came over to our house and rang the bell. when i opened the door, i was completely shocked to see him. He introduced himself as my sister's teacher by saying my sisters name.HE had come asking for some money.I told him that we dont give any money and asked him to leave. Now i am having flashbacks of him coming again and him calling my sisters name.the worst part is that how dare he uttered my sisters name from his dirty mouth. i feel very agitated and frustrated. i am doing accountancy and also now having difficulty concentrating cuz his image comes in my mind.I feel he might come again some day. I just wanted to share my feelings.If anyone could give a soothing reply i would be very pleased.thanku.

Hey au,
I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your sisters. Have they gotten help for what happened?

In a way I think that in that moment a part of you was taken too, when we hear of someone even talking about our family, we feel wounded, so I can imagine this scarred you pretty deeply too, and when you think of it, you relive it.
You are angry because this person, who has been placed in a position of trust and care took advantage of this and did this to your to family, and that is completely understandable. But it is not your fault that happened I hope you know that, you did best and told someone what was going on.

You also probably feel very betrayed that this person wasn't repremanded the way he should have been.

He won't come back. You should be proud of the way you acted, you held yourself together and acted very much like an adult and a man when you saw him again.

Please take some concellation in the fact that not only reporting him saved your sisters from future torture, but probably saved many other children.

I hope this has made you feel somewhat better. I think maybe you should speak to you college therapist about this it could really help you to get some off this weight off you.

Much love to you
Moongal x

au .... it is hard to deal with this sort of trigger. However, you will make it through it and the next time you are triggered.

Just remember it wasn't your fault. You were only 15 and had no control over the situation. You did the best thing that you could do at the time.

Also, since you are 21 and this happened only 7 years ago, you can tell the police. They will then take care of this like it should have been. :)