Watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, crying.. Why do we d

Watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, crying.. Why do we do stuff like this to ourselves?

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It's because it is that time of the year. I have cried at some of the christmas shows too. Hope that you are doing better today. Big hugs.

I am not in the mood to celebrate anything this year. I am skipping decorating my house this year. I held a job that I used to love. I had become anxious and felt the stress in the last two years before I quit after 16yrs, as the change of directors changed a lot of things in the operation of the company. I changed job. This new company was unable to budget my salary and ended the employment "at will" at the end of the 3-month probation. I was on unemployment for two months before I landed a job. I am still doubting my confidence and marketable value as a part of the workforce. I am currently underemployed and get a much lower pay compared to before. Blessed is me working. Still doubting is my ability to make the kind of income close to what I used to make. My savings has gotten less b/c I was using the reserve during the time that I was unemployed. With the lower pay and still doubting myself, I have no mood to celebrate anything. I did not celebrate Thanksgiving, did not celebrate my birthday, and won't do anything for xmas and new year.

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