We all find things, hear things, read things that uplift, in

We all find things, hear things, read things that uplift, inspire, strike a chord that resonates within us
It could be a post, a meme, a lyric, a book, a film; the possibilities are truly endless.
And yet, all of it is little more than a collection of letters, words, aspirations unrealized; unless we apply them to ourselves.
I know some will see this and think, easier said than done Mr Weird.
And though that is in fact true, it also shows we often miss the point, our thoughts and feelings so easily clouded .
For in the end, nothing of real value is easy, cheap, or free
Everything costs.
And only the doing, the application, allows us to evolve.

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Saider done than easy Mr. Weird. I can't tell you how many dandelions I've listened to and have yet to hear a Who. Bloody Horton and his tall tales.

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Lol. Don't get me started on those whos, those little noisy f*ckers piss me off. If I was the Grinch I'd have just cut the rope and buried hoovile in an available of Christmas crap.

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@EricofWeird You could always hire Hoggle. I hear he’s quite the pest exterminator if you find yourself infested with Whos. But you gotta be careful, because they got the babe with the power. What power you ask? The power of voodoo. Who do you ask? You do. Do what you ask? Remind me of the babe. Just sayin.

We are not well my friend lol

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@EricofWeird But we DO have obscure references to popular kids movies and books from back in the day, so I’ll pretend that means something. But yeah. We ain’t well.

At least I finally got the Sanford and Son theme song out of my head.
Oh f*ck me ....

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@EricofWeird Hah! Take that, foul non theme song stuck in head having well spoken fiend!