We ALL have a cross to carry. I know many times a lot of us

We ALL have a cross to carry. I know many times a lot of us feel inferior if we try to measure ourselves up to someone else. Not a good feeling right?

It's only human nature to do that sometimes. Then you get the 'blues' if you compare yourself with others to much. But I tell myself, "Don't despair". Everyone has a struggle and insecurities. Whether they try to hide it or not.

I remembered being called names in school because of my weight. It bothered me, but not that much because I was quick to fire back with words.

Now as an adult, I think back of our high school class president. Sweet guy, bubbly personality and friendly; a people person.

Coincidentally, my sister married his half brother. Not so long ago, my sister told me that my former classmate tried to kill himself because he was unable to have kids. His wife left him & carried all of his money along with her. My former classmate was very smart and his current career is IT at various banks among other things. It's a sad situation. But just goes to show that with beauty , brains, popularity NOBODY'S life is perfect.

So, to all of us who may be hurting in some area of your life, I just want to say, "Take it one day at a time". Always including the Lord and surround yourself with people who love the Lord.

Our time on this earth is not forever (THAT'S FOR SURE) , so lets dwell on past happy moments, do our best to create NEW happy moments, forget about the things we can't change or control and show gratitude for our blessings; most of all let's help others even if we need help ourselves.

Happy Tuesday with lots of love from me. "The Rainbow"

thank you, i needed to hear this as i have been condemning and berating myself for a mistake i made. God bless you

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