We are so sorry the site was down yesterday!

To say we were overwhelmed and felt a little like crying when the site was getting updates and then well, a lot of technical words were thrown our way and then, cheers with our coffee mug it is back up!

We promise all these growing pains are going to lessen. Thank you for sticking with us. Also, have you noticed you can now see who is on the site? We are going to make it easier to see and access, but it is a cool step in the right direction. All the best-SG

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being i can actually “Log In” now, maybe i’ll check in a bit more often… i pretty much left and went back to my FB support group to help out there…

We are so glad that you can log in again, you are such an important part of our site! -SG

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well, the gremlins are back and my tablet won’t log in…

This may be due to a cache issue, or maybe it saved an old password?

Error statement says, “Software Problem”…

That would be a personal computer issue. We are so sorry that this keeps happening. -SG