We are still here. We are still surviving, and that's what

We are still here. We are still surviving, and that's what counts! The challenges and obstacles we encounter in life will serve to make us stronger, wiser, and greater than ever before. Through out struggles we will learn how to construct our own rain boots and umbrella needed to weather any storm that threatens to drown out our spirit and hearts.
We will never walk alone.
A year ago I was having a particularly hard time and was sitting in the washroom crying.... crying my hardest and with the most desperation...... I cried for a long time, but then a thought entered my mind. This thought didn't feel like my own thought but rather as though it was coming from a third person because it entered unexpectedly and calmly. The thought said "It's okay, I will hold your hand through this." Upon hearing that thought, I felt better and I immediately stopped crying..... I was able to wipe away my tears and leave the washroom feeling better and not so lost. None of us are alone, we have each other to walk through this giant, but not insurmountable, mud puddle!

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That's wonderfull, it's sounded like your spiritual guide gave you a helping hand.

Very nice post. Thank you for encouraging us.

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