We can't delete posts on this site?

We can’t delete posts on this site?

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That is a great question and we weren’t sure of the answer, so we looked online and found this: Adult Autism and Relationships - HelpGuide.org

We think its important to remember that the social challenges associated with autism, such as difficulties in understanding social cues or expressing emotions, can sometimes create misunderstandings. You were obviously on a dating app and maybe at first you did like them, you chatted and then you realized, nope, not into them like they seem to be into me. Or you might struggle with interpreting or conveying intentions, which can lead to miscommunications. However, this is not the same as intentionally leading someone on. Just don’t ghost people, say something like, I really enjoyed getting to know you, but I don’t feel I am ready to take this into real life. I wish you well and it was great getting to know you-or something like that. -SG

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There is no escape from this place, it’s like an enchanted wonderland.