We have seen several new members come on the site who are po

We have seen several new members come on the site who are posting in this group. Welcome!
The overwhelming question seems to be, "I am a man, who is with a women, but I am Bi, where does that leave me?"
Our answer is, coming to terms with being bisexual while committed to someone of the opposite gender can be a challenging and emotional journey. If you're a man in a "heterosexual relationship" but find yourself mourning the experience of being with another man, it's essential to navigate this complex terrain with empathy for both yourself and your partner. Here are some things to consider:

Your Feelings are Valid: Recognizing and accepting your emotions is the first step towards understanding yourself. It's okay to feel a sense of loss or longing for experiences you haven't had.

Commitment and Fidelity: If you're in a monogamous relationship, remember the commitment you made to your partner. Open and honest communication about your feelings can be essential, even if it's difficult.

Internal Struggle: Society often has set expectations for men, which can lead to internal conflicts when one's feelings don't align with these expectations. It's essential to address these emotions instead of suppressing them.

Seek Support: It can be incredibly beneficial to speak with a therapist or counselor, especially one trained in LGBTQ+ issues. They can provide a safe space to discuss your feelings and offer coping mechanisms.

Open Dialogue: If you feel comfortable, consider discussing your feelings with your partner. This might be a challenging conversation, but it's essential for maintaining trust and understanding in the relationship.

Connecting with the Community: While acting on your feelings might not be an option if you want to maintain your current relationship, connecting with the LGBTQ+ community can provide a sense of belonging and understanding. This doesn't mean you're seeking a romantic or sexual relationship, but rather understanding and camaraderie.

Remember Love and Respect: Your commitment to not cheating shows that you respect and value your relationship. It's vital to keep this at the forefront of any decisions or actions.

Personal Growth: Exploring and understanding your feelings is a part of personal growth. It might be helpful to take time to reflect on what you truly want and need in your life.

Navigating these emotions can be challenging, especially when you want to remain faithful to your partner. Prioritize open communication, personal introspection, and seeking support to help guide you through this journey.
We are so glad you are here,
-Team SG

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That is totally my situation. I need to figure out what is my best option. Staying with my partner who I love or ending it to try my gay side.

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@Seve94 You are the same person, no matter if you are with a man or woman, you don’t have a gay side, you are you, whether you want the label or term is up to you. But don’t give up on a loving relationship to explore sexually, because on the flip side and you were with a man, would you want to explore your “straight side?” This is a decision you should go into with both eyes open. Either way, be open and understanding to the person you are with and if you are going to leave, go in a way that allows you to be friends in the end.

Sure yes I would really like to know what I could do to relieve the gay urges without cheating. I love my girlfriend and don't want to give her up but with me more wanting to come out now it's making things difficult for me. She's knows I'm bi but not that my urges have been getting stronger. If you don't mind me asking did you get divorced because of your bi feelings?

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@Seve94 To answer that question. No I hid my bi feelings for 35 years due to upbringing, traumas, and my 18 years marriage. The marriage didn’t work due to not to bash cause I refuse to be that person. She was not nice and used my traumas against me. Best thing for me. So urges for me were there for my life. Personally through the years of hiding it… I used porn bi or gay. Coupled with my sexual relationship with my wife was ok and I was able to keep it hidden.

These are such great insights and suggestions @Bigdsyl, thank you for being so open and sharing them. @Seve94, we are so proud of you for being open with what you are dealing with, keep posting and sharing. -Team SG

@SG Team Thank you I have met other folks with the same issue. Loves their partner but doesn’t want to cheat. Toys are a great option to satisfy urges. I appreciate the kind words. @Seve94 hope all is going well in this adventure you are on. Noe to post for me today. Much love…hearts not parts