Weak moment

So, I mentioned in my previous discussion that my boyfriend and I had broken up about two weeks ago. I hadn't spoken to him since. Last night I had a weak moment and I texted him that I was thinking of him. He replied back that he was thinking of me too. That was all that was spoken between us and I woke up this morning feeling empty. I feel like he doesn't even care about me and wants me to leave him alone. He broke up with me and I tried so hard to just let him be but unfortunately I gave in last night. This morning it's taking everything I have not to text him again which is why I am writing on this discussion. I feel like the more he pushes me away the more I want him. Please help. I feel like if I don't put forth the effort to show him I still care then I am possibily losing him forever. I feel like he is waiting for me to make the first move when really he should be coming after me if he wanted me back. How do I accept the fact that he doesn't want me? It hurts so bad to say that.

Give yourself time and that will give you a chance to reflect about the whole situation, only then you should make the final decision. Have faith, certain things happen for a reason. God bless you.