WebSite Update Challenges

I appreciate that so much effort went into this website redesign (the coding must have been insane). However I’m feeling uncomfortable that I can’t delete my own posts anymore without having to alert a moderator that I’m doing that. Especially given the sensitive Posts we post about here, I don’t really want people to have access to all my stories or be able to book mark them.

Besides that the new design is has many options and things to do, the emojis are great.

However there are so many symbols, and I feel like Im reading an ancient egyptian language. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

And the process of actually making a post is harder because firstly all the groups have very different people with different understandings of the issues, and I’m not sure how to make it post in the right group who knows what I’m talking about… wow. It wont even let me post. Some Groups are incompatible with the heading—it’s a little/a lot confusing.

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it replaced the word “li ke” with empathize hahaha Also when I tried to make a post it was difficult—it said the addiction group or “others” group Group doesnt have a certain label and didnt let me post. Not sure anyone will even see this post, because it’s possibly been thrown into the catelog of narnia. :joy:Imagine if someone really needed support, and couldnt figure out how to make a post though, that would be really frustrating when you’re already on the verge of tears.:frowning:

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I am probably going to try to leave this site because now my email is displayed instead of my choosen name… I have a sociopathic ex who I dont want to be able to track me online and now she can see my email which she knows… not cool. Any suggestions? I cant find a way to change my displayed name.

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I agree that we should be able to change or remove our posts if we want. Many of us are in very vulnerable or embarrassing situations that may lead to us posting something we might regret or just change our mind about… or just realize you mistyped something that needs to be corrected.

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Yeah not a fan of this “new” platform but you can go to anonymous mode from the profile settings.

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Yeah, I think that they should’ve kept that function. I don’t like how it alerts mods when we want to delete a post now. Sometimes I write stuff and then, decide to delete it later for whatever reason. This just makes that harder.

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I’m hoping it will likely take a week to sprt out issues. Sometimes you can’t see the problems until the changes are made, coding is tough i guess.

@SoloDad I cant see your email name, I just see solodad which I think was your user, if I click on it then it’s something about a slag :stuck_out_tongue: If it helps, is it still possible to link a different email to your account? Privacy is a huge issue on such a sensitive site. None of us want our family or friends knowing what we’re writing, obviously. Thats what support groups are supposed to be—a huge trust in vulnerable times.

ALSO I keep getting notifications about “editing” badge ans stuff, and what I actually want to see is if someone commented on a post which is buried under the millions of useless badges I have! I feel like Im either in kindergarten or the military, and neither of them are places I want to be lol

And then seeing random relationship posts and parts of the post about how the partner cheated is pretty triggering. I really dont want to see it. I was on the Narcissist survivor support group and now that exists nowhere or maybe in narnia :stuck_out_tongue: . The people on that are all actual empaths who actually understand the issues that Narcissists have, which dont really apply to normal relationships. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all, we are working to get everything right on our new site, it is going to be amazing, but don’t hesitate to let us know what needs to be fixed! We have our own list for our development team and we are reading your posts and adding to it. We promise we are going to make this place amazing, thanks for your continued support and patience. Best-SG

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I think this website needs some kind, love, and respect. The last 8 years SG has provided us with the generous offer of communicating with our friendly invisible family or friendships. We should be patient as to not be in an emergency room wearing straitjackets because if it wasn’t for this website. I think we would all be found in quarantine in a padded room with lock doors. Saying there is no escape but who would want to leave? I have to thank SG for all the assistance over the years. I was fortunate enough to not only be able to rome freely everyday, because God forbid i remember the day when A doctor approached my dad. Told him, that i needed to be in a psychiatric place when i wasn’t doing anything when i went to visit someone else. It’s kindof an eye opener. 0_0 <–ME ;;; Doctor—>$_$ The psychiatric doctors must be (“seriously”) filled with boredom. I just have to pray to not be abducted back then. Phew…

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This site is not User Friendly any longer. I have a few people I am trying to contact so we can stay in contact after we permanently leave here. Wanting to move to another Forum. To many changes and it’s no longer comfortable to come to any longer. I’ve seen the same thing in Restaurants, Sports Bars, Cocktail Bars. New ownership or management, to many changes at once. No one is comfortable any longer. I’ll be out soon…

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YES :+1: I LIKE THE EMOJES too !! :slight_smile: gives you better depthness than tick figures :triumph: :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for being so opem minded about feedback, we appreciate it! I’m sure if people have a little patience it’ll be an exciting outcome for everyone. =)

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yes, now you can let out chilly pepper smoke from your nostrils and we can all see it. :face_with_peeking_eye::flushed:

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From Please don't post in this to The New Site-discussions and thoughts

You had me at “chilly pepper smoke from your nostrils” i should try it out? :slight_smile: i used to bite the miniature towels (“wash cloth”) in the bathroom and pretend i was drinking blood from an animal when i was (“5-7 years old”) every night. I don’t do that today (''it would be awkward"). Now I suppose i have to actually act like an adult without the sippy cup :cup_with_straw: :upside_down_face: :unamused: :expressionless: :roll_eyes: :neutral_face: :cup_with_straw: