Website Woes

It makes our heart hurt that our members are so frustrated with the new site, but we promise this is just what happens with websites in the beginning, when you fix one thing, sometimes other things break, but then you get to a sweet point and things are all pretty much (no site is ever perfect) where everything works it is awesome and we are ALMOST there. The log in issue is fixed :heavy_check_mark:, you can log in and if you forget your password that works too (and email link is sent) :heavy_check_mark:, if you suddenly remember the password you can log in and just delete the reset email :heavy_check_mark:.

We believe in you, now we are just asking you to believe in us.
All the best-SG

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Thank you SG, I am worried that my friends are leaving the site :frowning:

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We really hope that isn’t the case, because this site is going to be amazing, we are working on it everyday and just would hate people to miss out! -SG