So I attended today an LDS wedding (that's a Latter-Day Saint wedding) and I was overcome with the spirit of the whole day. I actually cried the entire service and when we thereafter attended the temple. LDS Members believe that when you are married, you are not only married in this mortal existance but you can be sealed for time and all eternity in the Temple. It's a beautiful and wonderful truth, and enables you to listen to love songs and know...that forever truly means forever. It's overwhelmed me today, especially as I sat there and saw them both saying their vows, and I heard in my own mind, my own vows with the Man I love. Literally out of no where I heard them and felt them, and every word uttered I felt literally hit a cord within my mind and heart of what I desire and want so badly (in the sense that I am devoted to the idea).

It's enabled me to have such a clearer view on life and the constant busy lifestyle, that so many people have. I just want to sit back and embrace the love that I have, it's's wonderful...and it gives me so much more. The more I love, the more I'm determined, the more I receive. How amazing is that?

I don't know how many of you out there believe in a higher and infinite being, and I promise you as I type this, the words literally flow from my finger tips. I once had no beliefs, verging on the athiest. I refused to believe in a God, especially where I saw so much pain and wrong in the world. But I've learnt..and I've grown and through my faith and willingness I've been guided to truth and genuine happiness. UNBELIEVABLE HAPPINESS that is not delusional in the slightest!! I promise you that through knowing and coming to understand the Lord, I've understood myself even's a wonderful and hear rendering experience and I want you all to know how much love I feel when coming on here. The genuine care and love that you all give - it's beautiful and so genuine. If you didn't want to wouldn't log on here..and type and provide the advice you do.

Thank you, so very much for touching this girls heart.


Amazing, trail blazing testimony! Thanks for sharing....