Week One

Hey everyone!

I have been so busy all weekend and have had no time to get on here. Meal planning is still super hard for me, I must say. But I am doing alright.

Mike came down this weekend for yet another football game. Friday was great- we hung out with some friends and hung out. I followed my meal plan pretty well so I was proud. Mike was really sweet and understood my new limitations.

Saturday though I binged slightly. I didn't follow my meal plan I just ate whatever. It made me feel awful. Mike was so sweet though and just took care of me! He tried to cheer me up and told me I did so good, and that I have been doing so well. He told me that I didn't binge, that I have been stopping when i was full though I think I ate a little too much. I just couldn't believe how great he was being.

Today I have started off well. I slept through breakfast though so I am trying to catch up.... what are you supposed to do on your meal plan if you sleep through a meal?

The best part of this weekend though is that it was the first time I haven't counted calories in over 5 months! And I don't even care! I cannot believe it! I am just trying to think of my meal plan as in food groups not numbers. It makes me feel so amazing to think of them that way; so relaxing to not always be counting. I hope I can keep this up :)

Unfortunately, Mike left today. I know he always needs to leave to go back to school but it is always so sad. I always feel so lonely and depressed when he leaves. Its always so inevitable and I am scared of the week because it is never ending and I am always alone fighting my eating disorder. I do have a new quote I took and put it onto a poster for my room to always remember. "No matter how hard the past, you can Always begin again". Mike picked it out. He thought it fit :) So I will try to look at that this week when I am feeling down or that my fight is impossible to win.

I hope everyone's weekend was good.

great alle--you are doing spledid! this is great--it is good you are not counting calories--BUT do you know for sure you are gettin gthe right number in you each day? just make sure it doesnt go beleow, but that is great, allee


allee...so good to know that you are feeling so much better! If this type of planning is more helpful, then I am happy that it is working for you.
I suggest that if you sleep through breakfast, that you divide the amount allotted for breakfast, and add it to the rest of your days' meals/snacks...a little here and there.
I love the quote.....thanks for sharing....HUGS...Jan ♥

Thanks Maureen and Jan for the support!

Maureen- The meal plan they have me on has nothing to do with calories which really makes me look at food more healthily! I really like looking at it this way plus I feel like I am eating enough and very healthy. Instead of focusing on calories its more focused on the basic food groups. And I know what of each food group counts as one. I can already tell my body likes this type of eating. It is getting more used to it. :)

Jan- I love the quote! I couldn't believe my boyfriend picked it out :) It fits perfect.


Hi Allee, love the quote Mike picked out for you. I use a similar one a lot, it's at the end of my posts!! I have faith in this quote and look forward to a new beginning for us all!!