Weight gain leading to depression then leading to more weight gain?

I don't know if anyone feels the same way, but a few years ago after being diagnosed with lupus and being put on several new (and not so exciting) medications, I gained weight rather quickly and can't seem to get any of that weight off. I go on a rollercoaster, where I lose 5 pounds in a month of doing some kinda diet or exercise routine, then once I stop, it seems I gain that 5 pounds plus another few in a week. I have found myself focusing on being depressed on the weight I have gained and that depression leads me to the place where I just don't care anymore, over eat and gain more weight. Another thing I have noticed that effects my weight gain and overall well-being is the Lupus flares, which, I know this is weight loss discussion, but I am sure some people out there either have lupus that effects them or another disease they are dealing with.

It seems, when lupus flares, I get tired and don't wanna do anything, which leads me to just not caring about things in general. I was really healthy for awhile, started exercising and eating healthy, then 2 weeks ago, bam, another flare and I found myself, 1 gaining all the weight back that it took what seems like forever to lose and 2 I am so depressed I don't even know where to begin.

I don't know if anyone has any tips for getting on track, keeping on track and maybe side-lining depression caused by other things (lupus for me)

ashlie3284 - i understand the weight/depression thing too well. and hopefully someone else can relate to the lupus flares and share their story to help you.

I go in waves then something happens, i don’t workout, gain weight and it spirals from there. The most important thing for me is being consistent. Do you go to the gym or take an exercise class, something that excites you? I have honestly looked into take ballet classes cause that was something i always wanted to do when i was little.

Whenever you are really depressed, put on sweats and sneakers and go for a walk and listen to some music to cheer yourself up. Maybe that will start to stick and become a habit. good luck!

Thanks for the advice, its hard sometimes to get motivated to do things, like this last weekend, I had so many things my friends wanted me to do, the one thats actually pretty mad at me is the one who invited me to her sons first birthday party, I just didn't go because I have just been so tired lately.

Ballet sounds fun for you :) you have never done it before? I signed up for kickboxing, which was a friends idea, have been doing it a few months and I really like it, gives me a way to take out aggression and its exercise, just sometimes hard on my knees. I'm looking for more things I can do, but haven't found anything. I no longer have a gym membership because for awhile I wasn't working and couldn't pay, now I don't have the money for the stupid membership fees, sucks since I had my membership before for a long time.

I do need to start walking more, I am going to try and walk to work until it starts raining again. I live close to work and always drive, mainly because I don't like to be stuck in the break room on my breaks/lunch so I'd rather have my car, but I think the extra lil' bit of exercise would help.

walking to work could be good. and don’t think about it as exercise, think of it as time to yourself where you can clear your head and have some fresh air. Stick to kickboxing and things you like. I don’t do the gym either, expensive and i don’t like to go. I took a ballet class a few years ago, but it was only 4 weeks and i moved, so need to search again.

With friends it can be tough. There are days i don’t want to leave my house, but i force myself to cause i know that i have to keep my friendships and do things for my friends. Don;t force yourself to go out all the time. But pick one occasion and just get dressed and go and tell yourself you have to for your friend. You will see when you actually go out and get to wherever you will have a good time. I think its all about habit. and staying home becomes a bad habit, trust me i know.

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