Weight Loss For The Long-Term

I am a huge believe in creating a lifestyle for yourself, rather than going on a quick fix diet where you yo-yo; therefore, I wanted to share this article with you;

"If you are getting ready to cut back on your food intake in an attempt to slim in 2011, note that there are some other things you should be doing, in addition to counting calories. Research shows that people who are successful at losing weight, and keeping it off consistently, rely on a few simple strategies.

Set realistic goals

Before you even make a resolution, it's important to gauge your readiness to change. While fad diets often fail because they are nutritionally unbalanced, leave you feeling hungry and create unrealistic expectations - the truth is that not even the best diet will work if you're not ready to commit to making changes in your life.

If you are prepared to make changes to your diet and lifestyle, it is improtant to set weight-loss goals that are realistic, specific and attainable. Most healthy-eating recommendations suggest a gradual loss of up to one kilogram per week. To stay motivated set small, achievable goals to help you reach your long-term goal, such as losing 4kg a month rather than 20kg by summer. Research shows the most effective goals differ between men and women. A study at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK found that men were more successful when they set mini-goals and when they focused on the reward associated with their goal. Women, on the other hand, were more successful when they told others of their goals and had a support network to rely on, such as friends and family...."


Source: thenational.ae

I soooo agree with many of these tips especially to set realistic goals!

Exactly! Thanks Lilac! It is all about setting realistic goals. Sometimes I hear people with crazy goals, like 20lbs in 2 mos and even if they pull it off, it never sticks for the long-term. It took a good friend of mine 12 mos to lose 25lbs. He was so patient and slowly altered his diet so that it could stick for the long-term and implemented a work-out schedule that he knew he could maintain for the long-term. 4 years later, he's still kept off the weight, maintained his healthy diet and work-out routine.....all because he set realistic goals for himself.

That is the truth. I have a friend at work who planed her own diet and she is loosing weight slowly and looks very healthy. Thank you for the information. God bless you.

That's so great for your co-worker/friend Marcie. It's really the best and healthiest way to go. Rapid and dramatic weight loss is very hard on the body and can cause health ailments, that's why I'm a believer in doing it slowly but surely...much easier on the system.

Slowly does it!