WELCOME! All newcomers :) Greetings to those who have be

WELCOME!!!!! All newcomers :) Greetings to those who have been here longer. It's amazing to have you all here supporting one another :) please feel free to introduce yourselves on this thread if you'd like to.
I'm Davii, moderator for this group, that just means I'm here to check things are going smoothly, offer guidance to any new members, help with any issues that arise, and generally be supportive. You should all be able to private message me if you need/want to, although between other members you will need to mutually 'support' each other to pm.
In this group it will be very important for us all to be considerate of each others gender identity. So please be respectful and considerate when addressing peoples gender and when using gendered pronouns. Also please refrain from asking intrusive personal questions about peoples bodies. Questions in general are of course welcome.
For new members it's a great idea to check out the site FAQ's, you can find the link at the bottom of the page, or folow this link:

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Here are some good links for info and articles about transgender issues. Please feel free to add anything you've found helpful.






What a beautiful and colorful welcoming post! :)

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@newyork Thank you :slight_smile:

everyone needs to be treated the same as equals. no matter what race , beliefs, or sex gender they are.

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@sweetangel very true!

WELCOME new members to Support Groups!
Everyone here at SG is very kind, supportive and non-judgemental. Once again, WELCOME!

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@CKarma good morning CKarma. Thank you :slight_smile: I’m just trying my best… hugs

Hey, I'm new to this whole thing...I'm not really sure how it works

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@spacesammy hey, welcome to the group. How are you doing? A good way to start off is to write a post saying a bit about yourself and why your here, like what’s going on in yourlife and how you feel about it. You also might find it helpful to look through the other posts and comment if you feel you can relate.

Okay! So uh Hi, my name is Zoë and I'm agenderflux. I am A-ok with any pronouns (except for it/its) but I prefer they/them or ve/vim pronouns.

I've been having a kind of dysphonic day (I think its cuz im sick today) but I was just looking for support

@spacesammy sorry to hear you’re having a bad day. It really sucks to feel dysphoric, I have some very bad days and they’re horrible. Being sick is also miserable, I hope you’ll get better soon.

@Davii how are you? Haven't talked to you in awhile.

@bisharajs Hey :slight_smile: I’m okish… same as usual really. How are you doing?

I hear ya, same thing different day lol. Bored as crap, but its bike week here so I'm trying to not go out as much. The next two weeks will be crazy busy here :( and they weave in and out of traffic. They do not care!

@bisharajs I’ve just finished the course I was doing, so now I have all this time - that I used to spend worrying about my appalling attendance lol - with nothing to do… Bike week?

@Davii yes every yr this time we have bike week. Like motorcycles, crotch rockets lol whatever people drive! You're in school?

@bisharajs ok, sounds interesting. Not school, dropped out when I was 14… I was doing a horticulture course but I’m finished now, passed with flying colours (despite my poor attendance) my first ever qualification, now I just gotta try n find some work

@SunnyTomorrow plants in pots lol :stuck_out_tongue: geraniums n lavender n stuff… the only weed in my garden’s the dandelions. Gave up smoking pot a while back, all clean n shiny now lol

I'm bisexual and proud

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