WELCOME! All newcomers :) to the Transgender, Gay and Le

WELCOME!!!!! All newcomers :) to the Transgender, Gay and Lesbian, and Coming Out groups! Greetings to those who have been here longer.
It's amazing to have you all here supporting one another :) please feel free to introduce yourselves on this thread, or if there are any issues you wish to talk about I'm here for you as the group moderator, that means that I will moderate if needed, and that I'm here to help newcomers find their feet and settle in. Please pm me with any concerns if you need to (as moderator you should all be able to pm me).
If you are new may I suggest you check out the site FAQ's, at the bottom of the page - or the link:
should get you there - to help you find your way around the site, I'm also happy to answer any questions that you have.
You can make your own posts, comment on other peoples, or just have a look around until you feel comfortable here, whatever works for you. This site is a great place to come for support, advice and suggestions as we share our experiences. Sometimes it may be helpful to people to join other groups for additional input and support, check out the list of groups and see if there are any you might find helpful.
If you wish to pm (private message) someone you will both need to be supporting one another, it also may take a little time to process so please be patient (logging off and then on again may help speed it up).
There are sometimes problems with posts not posting properly, if you can it's a good idea to copy your post before posting it, if it doesn't seem to post check your 'my posts' page and if it hasn't gone through paste and post again.
In the Transgender group it is very important for us all to be considerate of each others gender identity. So please be respectful and considerate when addressing peoples gender and when using gendered pronouns. Also please refrain from asking intrusive personal questions about peoples bodies. Questions in general are of course welcome.

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Hugs and welcome ALL!

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@CKarma great to have you here as always :slight_smile: how are you doing?

Thank you @Davii.

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@moonlwa95 you’re welcome mate :slight_smile: how are you?

I'm good! thank you very much and how are you?

@moonlwa95 glad you’re good :slight_smile: I’m knackered, been clearing brambles, other than that I’m good, and the work means it’s a good kind of tired too

Hey I'm new

@vicki87 hey, welcome to the group, how are you doing?

Hey everyone, how's it going?

not too well for me :(

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I'm sorry to hear that, what's the matter?

my crush.. i have got a huge crush on one of my close friends but he is straight and i just can't get over it. i have to move on, but i'm really weak!

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@debrajdas that really sucks… you’re not weak, that’s just human, you will get over it with time. I know it’s hard but try not to be to down about it. Hugs mate