Well about today. Went to see a counselor today had a break

Well about today. Went to see a counselor today had a break down. Came home to H saying that he doesn't know if he loves me anymore and he thinks he has feelings for the OW. Then he says he wants to go to counseling together on Tuesday. What the fu**. How do you respond to that? How do you try to move forward when this is put on your plate?

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What a d*ck. I don't know. My husband says nice things right now, but I don't believe any of them. I almost wish he would just say that sort of thing to me bcz I would actually believe it, so I could stop my conflicted feelings and write him off as a c*ck. but I'm sure the grass is less yellow looking on the other side. What a **** your h is, tho. Seriously. Go to the counselor together. Maybe the counselor will give him a swift kick in the nuts. Mine did to my husband the day we told him. It felt nice having someone actually justify my feelings for a change. Hugs to you.

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@RuinedLove I couldn’t agree more but going to a counselor together will just be a waste of time because he already made up his mind. Oh and for the honesty talk we had today he said he quit talking /texting her. Dumb a** left his phone out and I read the text… OW-hungry H-for you OW-hurry

@crushed1029 Go to the site called Chump Lady, that might help you put into perspective what to do or at least read about what she thinks about cheaters. At any rate, it might give you a laugh even if you are not ready to stop playing what she calls the 'pick me dance'. I finally stopped dancing two months ago. It is hard. I tried for 2 1/2 years after finding about his affair to dance the right way, but he is a narcissist through and through and after 29 years of marriage, I could not do it anymore.

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@moonstonebeach my H is a bunch of things, never wrong, blames me for everything, turns it around to make it my fault and puts me down. I have become so insecure with myself. Tonight was the final straw for me. As of right now at this moment I am not going to be someone’s 2nd fiddle

I love my H still and want it to work but how can I do all the work and pain while he gets to do whatever he wants?

I feel empowered reading your posts! Makes me glad my ex left me now. Good riddance!

@090915DDay I’m really excited for you. Mine won’t leave and I want him to. I love him so much still but I have to think of myself and my health. Don’t want an STD which now I have to go get checked for because of his lies. It’s only been a week since I found out and I know I have a long road ahead of me.

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