Well first doc was wrong

ok so i went to see the doc at osu and they tell me its antiplastic large cell T positive and the other one said it was b. but anyway so we are setting a bone marrow bio up and then in about 3 wks we will start chemo. and about two wks after that bye bye long beautiful hair, hey does anyone know if u can use your own hair for a wig if so any info would be great!! my g babys are not gonna know me without it.

I imagine you could use your own hair for a wig..but you may not need to do that....Many of us here did not lose our hair. Do you know what treatment you will be getting? You can do this. it ain't so bad. Let us know. Keep writing here.

thank you the doc said about 2wks after my first treatment i would lose it just because of the meds they will be using. the bone marrow bio has got me worried but gotta so and i will keep writiing here it seems to help alot