Well folks , I knew this day would come , but apparently my

Well folks , I knew this day would come , but apparently my ex Narc has a new " friend " or girlfriend . Someone that knows his history told me . They are on FB together etc . I'm crying and so hurt . But I'm not sure why !! I know how he operates now ! I do . But It still hurts . ******.

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Be brave.
Try and look on the bright side - someone else will need to feed his 'supply' now.
You are free. Embrace it.

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@Ambart I’m trying . I just wanted not to feel anything when this day came

I am so angry at my ex that I almost am laughing now. Her new sugar daddy is his problem now. I don't hate her, I am angry at myself for being used and abused...

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@renegade007 yes !! I hate feeling so stupid sad and used . I know i am smarter than that

I too feel so stupid and a moutain of angst for being used and lied to and cheated on. Well, no the good news is I am used and lied to and cheated on NO MORE! No more. You too, folks. No more. Nope nope nope nope!

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I completely understand why you are so upset. I hate my ex for what he did to me but just the thought of him moving on with someone else puts me on the verge of a panic attack. Lucky for me he isn't on social media and lives half way across the country so I will never know when/if he meets someone else.

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Lucky you, my ex's sister lives across the street from me. I am reminded everyday of her and all the good times we had at her sister's house. The pain is unbearable at times ..

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@renegade007 That is awful, I’m so sorry you have to deal with daily reminders. All of our memories are here in the city I live in so I get to be surrounded with memories and he gets to start new in a city with absolutely no reminders of me and our relationship. I take it moving isn’t an option? May be a tad extreme…

On the flip side, his family lives here and feel awful for what he did to me so they still treat me like a member of the family. They invited me to Easter dinner and text me every weekend to see if I want to come over and to tell me how much they miss me. So that's hard to deal with........

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@kcrox04 I’m sure that’s so hard ! Can you move on still being involved with them ? It’s such a confusing thing to navigate through .

My ex's sister is trying to support me through these hard times but seeing her reminds me of my ex, it is too painful and you have to go no contact with the entire family

@renegade007 Did you just flat out tell your ex’s sister you have to go no contact with her? If so, how did it go? When I do talk to my ex’s aunt she tells me nothing about my ex. I don’t ask and she doesn’t offer. Yet, I still feel super sad and anxious when we speak :frowning:

to move on will take strength must be a new breakup...he moved on...you need to too..do not fill your life with grievance ...what ever made you happy .is now gone ..hope the grief does not weigh you down... and if he moved on that soon..relationship was not worth it...if you know what i mean ..you might have found a player...but i d k just might be playing the feild ...but i am unprofessional about these subjects ...but stop thinking about f b. change the things you can change do not worry about the things you can not.. grief. comes with...depression...hurt.. denial...bargaining...anger ..and right know it is upset

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@fly... I didn't find a "player" I was manipulated by a narcissist .

Well ladies/gents, I'm so sorry our N's can still cause so much pain. I do understand the pain of spending so much time and energy and devotion with your entire being, and being treated like a disposable piece of refuse. But I'm struggling right now too, for a completely different reason. I WANT my stbx N to find himself a new victim ASAP and please please please leave me alone and in peace. It's all in the perspective. It could be worse-they could be trying to get you back, or punishing you even more by sticking around. Pity the next victim.

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@annetrue I’m sure he will ! The stronger you stand the more he will see he’s losing his

grip on you . Stay strong!! You
will get through it!!

Tonight is a struggle for me, I miss my ex so much but she is so wrong for me.. Why am u stuck ina Narc woman who has broken me. God help me.. I was so strong before this woman destroyed me. Please help me..

Think about what the future would be like if you remained in the relationship. Nothing would change, it would only get worse. I had 12+ years of it. The longer you stay in a narcissistic relationship, their anger and treatment only intensifies and your esteem is broken down until there is none. And you won't feel loved or respected and always walking on eggshells.

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Another sleepless night for me with my mind wandering back to how quickly my life has changed. And how quickly his did too, he simply plucked me out and put her in. I’ve been listening to Joel Osteem on you tube a lot lately. He is very inspiring if anyone is looking for something to ease the pain…