Well, I had my heart monitor out on this morning after my ba

Well, I had my heart monitor out on this morning after my back injections. I would love to get some rest, but this monitor keeps going off, telling me to check the leads, every five minutes. I called and they told me they must be loose. They are fine. What the heck? Any suggestions?

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Could someone come out and check that doesn't sound normal.

Nope. There is a number for the company and they tell me it is working just fine. It has stopped beeping so often, but what a pain! I have to wear this for two weeks. Guess my insomnia will come in handy.lol

I remember that happening in the hospital after my last surgery. The nurse checked it, said it was fine. The d*** monitor kept squealing intermittently. So I ripped off all the leads. *coughs* In my defense, I was high as a kite on some really awesome painkillers. I also wasn't in the hospital for heart problems. So in your case, have you tried earplugs? Or do you know any engineers or mechanics that can take the monitor apart and remove the noisemaker? Otherwise go back to wherever you got that thing from and get someone to either fix it or get you a new, less noisy one. (And if no one wants to help, you could always sit in the waiting room with your monitor shrilling -- misery loves company and all that, hehe).

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@Raine14 Great idea! The other problem is that I sleep on my stomach. Impossible with these wires and monitor. I cannot lay on my back became that exacerbates the back pain. So, I am left with only my right side to try and sleep on. But I am still having palpitations, so I have to record them. This will be a fun two weeks. Have a good night, Rainey.

Hello @marinewife Those heart monitors are specially engineered to keep going off. And the companies synch them with the IV pumps so that if one is quiet, the other will be set to go off. They drive the nurses crazy, hate to try to get some rest with them. Sorry, no quick solutions except get better and get home to your own bed. Take care.

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@NewMe2.0 I had a heart monitor at the rehab nursing home. NONE of the staff even knew how to put it on. The only time it went off, was when I received an unexpected floral arrangement from an ex-boyfriend ;>). I just stopped wearing it. I believe it to be another way to scam the medical insurance company scam.
I know many will not agree with me, but that is ok.